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Networking@10 minutes

Published by Super Admin on 30 November 2008
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Many a times you say to yourself, “I’ll just check my updates on Facebook or any other social networking site and be off in a jiffy!” However, you end up spending a few hours! Well, many of us will agree that we often spend more time on these networks than we really intend to and waste those precious, productive hours, which could otherwise have been very useful! These networks tend to be addictive and with so much going on and so much of messaging and catching up to do, it can seriously affect our day-to-day business.

Enlisted here are a few valuable tips on how to catch up with your networks in 10 minutes and be done with it! It should not be a time-guzzler; instead, a quick peek and you are done.

Update your status without actually visiting these sites!

Voila! You can do that …just log on to Ping.fm and get statuses updated across all networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace etc.You do not need to visit each individual site! Saves a lot of time, prevents you from getting attracted unnecessarily into any messaging and yet keeps you updated. A sure-shot way of being ‘in the loop’ and yet not really into it!

Review your and your friend’s news feeds

On the same site, i.e Facebook you will find the opportunity to see your news feeds and those of your friends as well, without opening their home page. In this review you can see in one go whatever your friends have been up to or whatever you have been doing. Share your stories or show off your expertise by answering their questions.
Saves a lot of time and effort and prevents unnecessary gallivanting around the network.

In fact, the reviews will give news feeds only from the Friends List that you have created and none else! In fact, the lists can be made according to “different areas of interests”, “ poker pals”, “professional”, “People to track” etc. and the comments and reviews on those news feeds will be seen only by you.

It also gives you the option to create Private Groups that are based on your personal choices and only you have the power to create them and access them for your viewing!

Suppose you are just getting started and do not know how to create a friend’s list then go to the top of the page which says “make a new list”, add a title to the list ; like “Hang out buddies” or “Watch out” etc. Personalize your list and then add the names of your friends to it so that you have your very own Friend’s List that you can view any instant. You can also make “Multiple Lists” and do not forget to save the lists!

Just review your status updates

Instead of lingering on for hours, just breeze through the status updates of your friends and see if you feel like commenting on any of them. Do so or move on…no time wastage. Some people love to just put in their blog posts into their status updates so that others too can know that there have been recent feeds in your blog. People on your review lists get instant updates of your activities as you get theirs. It is a great way to get out and comment on the blogs you like or those that you are following without having to search for them repeatedly. Stick to this rule and you will stay within your time limits.

Great Idea to save time!

To wish people on their Birthdays and Anniversaries just click on the right hand side of the Facebook home page on Events and Birthdays. It will show up all your friends you need to wish and when you click on their name it will take you to their wall where you can “write” your Birthday Wishes without wasting much time.

Scan their Profiles

Facebook is indeed unique in its time saving ways. Their is an Info tab on your friend’s home page and you can get to know them better without wasting any time and quickly scan their entire profile.

It is a boon for all those who tend to forget names and faces and helps you know the person better, also it can tell you whether you want to add a certain person to your friend’s list or not. In addition, if you do want them, it helps you to decide which list they should go into or where they would be most appropriate in your scheme of things.

Idea – Set your “Make friends Rule book”

Life becomes so much simpler if you just lay down your own simple rules for “Making Friends”. It could be anything like “Profile must have a picture” or “there should be a personal friendship note attached with the request” or just about anything you feel is right. Set up your own Friend’s Request filter wherein you put certain guidelines that will help the social networking site to filter out all the unwanted friendship requests you might get and saves you from many obstacles while trying saving your time. Last but definitely not the least it helps you decide whether you really want to be friends with that particular person or not!

To respond or not

Most of the invitations to various events that are sent across to you by your friends are not the ones you would like to respond to, so spend the least amount of time to just look through all these invites and click only if you find something that really interests you.

That is not the case with Group Invitations. Group invitations sent by your friends sometimes might be interesting and need to be seen. Occasionally you might just decide to join in one. Just check them out and see what you want to do. If it is a public group or an invitation for a “Teleclass”, its best left unseen, but if is a private group of friends or professionals then you can choose to respond. If it is a public invitation sent by someone you know or admire then maybe you could respond to it and decide to go otherwise just decline the invitation and move on, Folks!

If you wish, you could just send in a small “thank you, but not interested” message or “Yes always wanted to do something like that…”message if you decide to accept it. However, whatever the case keep it brief. No wasting time, remember!

Check out the “People You May Know”

It is amazing how Facebook comes up with another tool that is cool. “The people you may know” section suggests a few names with whom you might just be interested in making friends. Surely, a very handy tool that saves time and yet helps you expand your circle of friends. Once you see a suggestion in that and you wish to respond then just click on the persons name and send a Friend Request.

Do not forget to send in a personalized note to help the other person recognize you and make a decision about accepting or declining.

Check out your Notifications

There is a notification icon at the lower right side of the home page that helps you see what all activities are going on in your account. There could be Friend’s request received or writing on your wall, whatever it may be it is best to check your notification icon rather than enter into your home page repeatedly where you might just get tempted to linger on for longer than you wished for!

Be firm on your time spent and use the tools available!

By just devoting 10 to 15 minutes on your social networking site like FACEBOOK , you can keep in touch with all your buddies , you can be in the loop of what’s happening , yet not spend unreasonable amount of time on it!

It is in fact a great PR and network building tool that can be positively used for all your business needs if only you stick to your time constraint and use these “save your time” guidelines!

Happy networking!

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