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"I now am getting 10 times as much business... It was much more affordable than I imagined. I'm only sorry I didn't do this 5 years ago!"
Mindy Dunham
#1 for SEO Reseller 01/12/2010
#1 for Primary Schools 01/12/2010
#3 for Wimbledon 2010 01/12/2010
#1 for Stage Hire 01/12/2010
#1 for Spreadsheets 01/12/2010
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Published 3 March 2009
Building trust and customer loyalty in your E-business
Published 6 December 2008
Effective ways to build trust online
Published 30 November 2008
Networking@10 minutes
Published 30 November 2008

Search Engine Marketing

We are Australia's largest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) supplier. We provide the back-end for more hosting and web design companies than any other search engine marketing service in Australia.

After 10 years of operation, we've now optimised 1,000's of websites first hand with impressive, measurable and consistent results. We are the most affordable search engine optimisation and google adwords management service of our kind.

All of our search engine marketing services include a personal account manager, dedicated email and phone support. This support is available in both white label and middle man solutions.

3 Reasons to choose us

We provide the back-end SEO for more leading web hosting and design companies than anyone else in Australia.

Over the years we have obtained 10,000's of top 10 positions for our clients in top search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. See our search engine optimisation results and testimonials.

1st Place Design has developed technologies and software that allow us to manage large client bases efficiently thus making our services one of the most affordable and successful available. All software is developed in-house, providing us with a high grade SEO solution at a low cost.

Search Engine Marketing Reseller Services

Our Reseller Services include search engine optimisation and google adwords management. We are here to help your clients obtain strong positioning and great conversion rates.

Enquire online today to become a reseller.




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